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The year is about to end; you’ve had a great year, and it’s time to tell your clients and readers about how it was. Giving your clients a review of your year, especially when you had a great one, allows them to feel like they’ve chosen well, seeing that your company that’s giving them excellent service is also thriving. Let’s talk about how you can go about this properly and give people an update; they won’t just skim through and close.

Talk about the company growth, not the holidays.

As a company, reaching out to your clients and giving them a great holiday greeting is essential, but that’s different from the point of your ‘year in review.’ At the same time, it’s nice to acknowledge the holidays and start with a pleasant greeting with the holiday spirit and thanking them while trying not to make the whole thing look like a generic company Christmas card.

Show your accomplishments instead of telling.

Your goal is to celebrate your company’s successes this year, and the best way to do that is by showing them your growth. An infographic of your company road map would be a great way to do this, is by showing your accomplishments as road stops marked done and ongoing projects as goals coming with the new year, allowing you to show your company’s accomplishments instead of just telling.

Making a year in review

Whether you write a letter, article, or infographic, it is essential to follow a particular structure when it comes to ‘year in reviews’ to deliver your message. The following are tips and steps to make your delivery effective:

  • Be open – you’re writing this to be accountable to your clients and allow transparency. Start with a suitable greeting and let them know how the company is doing and that you’ve got a few things planned for the coming year.
  • Talk about your accomplishments this year – tell your clients about all the goals you’ve met, the growth of the business, and the numbers you’ve hit.
  • Your biggest win – if you’ve won an award, partnered with a big company, reached a significant milestone, introduced a new product, or even just moved offices, tell your clients the details and significance of it.
  • What you’ve learned – telling your clients what you’ve learned from your successes and failures allows you to show that management and the company have grown in the past year.
  • Milestones – it’s vital to show completed and future milestones to your clients, showing not just current growth but projected growth. Infographics would be helpful in these cases.
  • It’s because of them – allow your clients to feel that they’re the ones that allowed the company to succeed. Your in-year review is an excellent opportunity to nurture a relationship with your clients.
  • Your goals ahead – let your clients feel included in plans by telling them more about what you’ve planned and how you can serve them better.

Another year another opportunity to serve

Your clients will appreciate you informing them about your business, giving them a sense of importance. A year in review allows you to show your clients that you are accountable to them and work to improve your business for your gains and to serve them better.

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