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As a new business owner or independent contractor looking to promote your business and services, where do you start? Sure, you have an idea of what you’re looking to include in your website, but there’s no way you can manage to design something that complex on your own and still manage your day-to-day. So what now?

Consumers base credibility, professionalism, and reliability on how a website looks when they hit the landing page. Ensuring that your site looks professional and represents your business well means finding a professional web designer who can bring your ideas to life and knows how to take advantage of modern design techniques to ensure your audience finds your website and stays there once they hit your landing page. Sleek designs, content development strategy, and SEO are just some of the things you should be on the lookout for from the web design companies on your shortlist. 

Web design can make or break your business visibility and success. If it takes just milliseconds to form an opinion about a company based on their website, you want to make it the best it can be. But how do you narrow down your decision on which web design company to choose? Let’s take a look at our top three tips to help you in choosing the best web design company to build your online presence

Look for Bundled Package Options

While you’re jumping into your search for a web design company, consider the other things you’ll need to jumpstart and/or maintain your business exposure. Sure, it’s great to have a solid web presence with the right SEO implemented into your website, and a lot of success can come from that. Looking for more than just the website itself can prove beneficial and save you time in the long run as well. 

Some web design companies offer more than just the basic landing page and menu items. Look for each prospective web design agency’s packages, and see what they include – many agencies offer bundles that include a domain name and hosting capabilities alongside other marketing services. 

Some businesses include a blog on their website and update it frequently. Others keep a high-profile social media presence for more visibility outside of the website itself. When looking for the right web design company for your business, choose one that can simplify your life and streamline your marketing workload. Having one agency partner you can turn to and rely on for things like social media, copywriting, analytics, SEO, and more makes it much easier for you to focus on business processes and development with your clients. 

Look for Functionality and Mobile Responsive Design

When you click on a website, what is the first thing you expect to see? Is it a solid landing page? A streamlined nav menu? What about a contact submission form? Maybe a live chat window to get your burning questions answered ASAP? A solid website will include everything your business needs to succeed, including functionality. 

Functionality, however, goes beyond what is in the website itself and extends further into the digital landscape. With more focus on mobile-accessible technologies comes more responsibility for web design companies to make websites accessible from various devices. What tools and features does web design company A have that web design company B doesn’t? 

Believe it or not, your customer base is using mobile devices more often than not to make purchases or visit your website, so choose a web design company that is mobile-friendly in its designs. The website experience should stay consistent when switching from a desktop setting to a phone, tablet, or other mobile devices, from adaptable screen size to responsive layout and design elements. 

Look for a Strong Portfolio

Anyone can claim that they hold a certain skill set, but is there any evidence to back it up? 

Having a solid design portfolio matters when looking for the best web design company to create something unique for your business. 

This allows you to vet web design companies based on the work they’ve done up to this point, not just what the company says it can offer. Check out your prospective web design firm’s case studies and be sure to visit the sites they have designed on your own to certify their work is functionally and aesthetically in line with what you’re hoping to achieve. 

A comprehensive design portfolio showcases a variety of work from a web design company. The web design agency of your choosing should have some experience in designing websites for your specific industry as well as other industries. This versatility should also transfer to the designs themselves. 

  • Are custom designs involved in each website? 
  • Do they also offer easy-to-follow templates? 
  • What about the type of website structure? Is there a mixture of complex and simple designs that both work for the intended audience?

Keep in mind that when you’re choosing a web design company, it’s important to ensure they have experience in the type of website you’re looking to build for your business. A company that primarily builds e-commerce websites might not be a good fit if your business focuses on a service based model, and vice versa. 

You Don’t Have to Be A Website Designer. We Can Help.

At Stoute Web Solutions, we do not sell marketing. We promote growth. Most agencies prioritize foosball tables and downtown views over results and action.

We are not that agency.

Sure, we like to have fun. And we do! But we never put our Ping-Pong skills ahead of the people who keep us in business: our clients.

Our decisions impact thousands of businesses around the world. More importantly, there are real people counting on us to grow their business. We’ve been providing a wide range of services to clients from different sectors, which include Website Design & Development, Website Hosting, AdWords Management, SEO, and PPC Campaign Management right here in Portland.

It is a responsibility and a privilege we take seriously.

Find out how we can be an advocate for your business.

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