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With your newly built website built and ready for the world to see, you might wonder just how will the world find it without a direct link to the site. This is where SEO content, also known as Search Engine Optimization content, comes into play. 

This content is extremely important to your business and helps your audience find your website. It’s also important because search engines, such as Google, use SEO ranking factors to rank your site and determine where it appears when users search for a product or service that you offer. 

So we’ve got a general idea, but what exactly is SEO content? 

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Content?

To understand what someone means by SEO content, it’s best to break everything down into pieces. As we stated, SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or how you optimize a website so it can be easily found through a search engine such as Google or Bing. Content refers to the information that is out on the web waiting to be consumed.

If you put these two together, SEO content is anything created in order to attract search engines to your website via internet traffic, often via written content, and can take the form of blogs, articles, web page copy, lists, guides, videos, infographics, and more. As a business owner, you don’t necessarily need to know every little detail about SEO, but a quick run-through of how it all works should give you a better understanding of how traffic arrives at your website.

Keyword Research and Optimization

SEO is dependent on careful keyword research, selection, and usage. This means finding the keywords that are relevant to your products or services, estimating how competitive they are to rank for in a Google search, and peppering them in throughout your content in a way that both makes sense and identifies your SEO content as relevant to your target customer. 

Do your keyword research before you start writing the content for your website. This will allow you to focus on the volume that already exists for certain keywords and take advantage of what terms are being searched for right now. You can then use this to your advantage when writing your web copy and creating posts for your site.

Organize and Promote Your Content

Everything on your site should be organized in a logical way which is not only good for SEO (i.e. structured properly with headings and formatting), it also helps people who come to your site find all the content they are looking for. A well-organized site with easy-to-find information will keep visitors at your site for a longer period of time, potentially reducing your bounce rate and establishing you as an authority in your visitors’ eyes. Promoting your content by sharing it on social media and in relevant forums will draw more attention and help establish your credibility as well.

Different Types of SEO Content

  • Blog Posts – This is one of the best ways to generate a continuous stream of great SEO content. Blog posts are engaging, often bite-sized, and easy to create, and will usually attract links better than a product page. This is a great way to build some authority on your site and include links to your product pages or other blogs.
  • Articles and Product Pages – Articles and product pages are also great types of content. When you think of articles, think of news, a feature piece, and even interviews. Product pages can serve as both SEO content and landing pages for your customers, a great place to make a quick pitch and close a sale.
  • Guides – A guide is a bigger piece of content which explains detail by detail on how to accomplish something. Most of the time, guides are broken up into multiple web pages. A full guide can be posted on your website as its own page, or you can lead with a summary post or excerpt which might require visitors to fill out a registration form in order to read the entire guide. This is a fantastic way to generate leads and interest, as well as brand a lead magnet that brings in your target audience and establishes you as an authoritative voice in your field.
  • Lists – A list is simply another type of article, just formed as a list and possibly with bullet points or numbered. This makes it easier to scan through, both for readers and Google, making it highly searchable.
  • Directories – A directory is a useful compilation of links to resources or sites about a specific topic.

These are just a handful of what you might want to use for SEO content, but the possibilities are endless, and you can be creative about how you draw in your audience, especially with the help of an SEO digital marketing agency.

Define Your Strategy

Figure out your goals for the website based on your business needs. Do you want to drive sales or monetize your site with ads? Are you looking for a return readership? Whatever your goals are will determine what types of content you need to focus on.

If you want product sales, your focus should be on eye-catching and informative pages that are optimized for searching. If your site operates like an advertising model and you are wanting to attract more readers through a search, you’ll want to focus on content like long-form articles or video resources that have lots of information and entertainment or even both.

Future Proof Your Business With The Best SEO Portland Has To Offer

Your local competition and global chains are working to one-up their competition and gain new customers. To survive in a more competitive online world, making sure you utilize the very best SEO practices is essential to find success. 

It’s important to remember that SEO is not a one-and-done process. SEO is always ongoing and the search algorithm constantly changing. With all of the responsibilities required with running your own business, you might not have the time to manage this all on your own.

That is where we come in.

At Stoute Web Solutions, we specialize in creating custom website care plans, managed WordPress hosting, SEO, and web design services. Based in Portland, Oregon, we are ready to help your business grow and specialize in working with small and medium-sized businesses with affordable SEO services and web design.

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