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Just like you, we want you to succeed and grow your business. We want your brands to be seen by people worldwide in front of their eyeballs. This is why roughly 10% of our clients aim for a new milestone or expand into a new market every business year. But how do you celebrate reaching these milestones? How can you visualize and track your growth?

Stoute Web Solutions helps our clients build visual reports they show to their stakeholders to share their success stories and inspire them to reach the next milestone and grow their business.

We’ll celebrate each milestone with you by ensuring your business grows steadily. You can now focus on other aspects of your business with the assurance that you have a reliable web partner.


We love celebrating milestones with our clients. Working on a project together is more than just making a website or an app. It’s about creating a relationship: we want to see you succeed in your endeavors and make sure that your progress is visible in every way. We want to support you as you grow and change. Your success is our success.

In the spirit of this, we like to ensure that our clients are always on the same page with us and happy about their achievements throughout the process of whatever project we’re working on. We think it’s a great idea to celebrate those milestones with a card or some other sort of gift, whether it’s your first website launch, the first time someone bookmarked your app, or the first time you got feedback from your users on a new feature you added.

A card is an understated but powerful way to show our clients that we appreciate them and everything they do for us. That’s why we want to share what happens behind the scenes when one of our client milestones comes around—it’s all too easy to forget how much effort goes into making something big happen until you see how excited everyone gets when they receive their card!

Personalized gifts

Celebrating milestones with your customers is a great way to show you appreciate their business. It doesn’t have to be a surprise party or a holiday feast but a thoughtful gesture that makes them feel valued.

It doesn’t have to be anything significant either; it could be as simple as sending them a box of their favorite candies or a personalized gift they can keep on their desk.

We like to do this with our clients and send them a small token of appreciation. This could include a book you recommended to them (if they are an avid reader), an item that shows you’ve been thinking about them, or something that might remind them of you and your company (such as company-branded pens).

Milestone emails 

Celebrating milestones with our clients is a great way to give them the incentive to keep working with us and for us to build a strong relationship with them. Number-based milestones are the most effective in terms of engagement and retention. For example, suppose we launch their web design project on May 1. In that case, we might send out an email thanking them for working with us and asking them to rate their experience with us or provide feedback on what they think of the new design. This would be an excellent time to include a coupon code for one of our other services or products to say thank you. Suppose we have several clients working with us at once. In that case, we like to include a weekly update that provides for how many projects we’re currently working on and what stage their work is in.

Sharing goals on social media

We work with many different clients, so we’ve found that some like to celebrate these milestones on social media channels. Some will even let us post directly from their accounts, as they’re proud of their accomplishments. We love sharing in the celebration, and we love getting the chance to let people know about the incredible people we work with every day. Not only do we get to share the joy with everyone else, but we also get to promote the great company that asked us to help them reach these goals. It helps us build relationships with other companies in our community, which can lead to more opportunities down the road.

Remembering important dates 

You know how it goes: a project starts, and slowly but surely, you learn more about each other as you navigate the ups and downs of working together. Whether we’re talking about a new client or an established one, a big part of our job is to make them feel valued. One way we do this is by remembering important dates special to them.

When we start working with new clients, they’ll usually tell us things like their birthday or anniversary. If it’s during the time frame of our project, we’ll send them a small gesture to let them know that they’re on our minds. It’s simple—a little acknowledgment goes a long way toward making someone feel valued and appreciated. Maybe it’s just a card saying, “Thanks for being such a great client!” Or perhaps it’s sending flowers to the office on their birthday. The gesture itself doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate—just something thoughtful to show our appreciation for them as people.

Celebrate with us 

Stoute Web Solutions takes immense pride in delivering above and beyond all client expectations. We understand that how you celebrate your milestones plays an integral role in the success or failure of your business.

Your business is unique, and so are your milestones. So celebrate them with the one who helped you reach such heights – our clients. They deserve to be celebrated lavishly. After all, they are our business partners, and their love and support make it all possible. Let’s talk more about this and more contact us today!

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