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The focus on sales can sometimes leave you overlooking something important—looking after your customers. One great way to give them a reason to come back and tell their friends about you is by saying thank you. Not just saying it, but showing them you appreciate their time in your business with a genuine, authentic “thank you” where they feel the sincerity in it.

Properly showing appreciation rewards customer loyalty and makes them more likely to become repeat buyers. Let’s look at the benefits of saying thank you and why it works so well.

Thanking your customers makes you unique among your competitors.

Listening is important, but it isn’t enough. What sets great companies apart from good ones is what they do next; they act on feedback and say thank you! It’s not just about making your customers feel good—it’s also about making yourself feel good and creating a company culture that values your customers’ loyalty.

You can thank your customers by email, phone, or even letter—but whatever method you choose, keep it personal and from the heart. Address them directly, as if they were standing right in front of you. Avoid sounding robotic by using “I” or “you.” Use the customer’s name in your message. The more personal your message is, the better it will be received.

Especially if you run a small business and want to grow your customer base, thanking your customers is a great way to do that. It makes you stand out from the crowd, letting your customers know that they are appreciated. And that, in turn, can help you build a solid customer base that keeps coming back.

Thanking your customers builds trust.

By sending your customers a simple thank you note or card, you can build trust and increase loyalty. It’s also a great way to distinguish yourself as a business. Whether it’s an email newsletter, a custom video, or a handwritten thank you note, taking the time to show your customers you care will do wonders for your relationship. A simple thank you lets people know they are appreciated and that you value their patronage. And that can lead to repeat purchases and referrals.

Your customers are more likely to recommend you to others.

We all hear about the importance of customer relationships, and one easy way to do that is by sending your customers a proper thank you message to show how much you appreciate them.

According to a recent survey by American Express, more than two in five Americans,42%,say that a personal recommendation from a friend or family member is most likely to get them to try doing business with a new company—more than the 34% who say a sale or promotion or the 15% who say a company’s reputation. The way a business can achieve that is to build customer relationships.

Your customers are more likely to thank you.

According to a study by behavioral economics researcher Dr. Robert Cialdini, saying “thank you” can help you build stronger relationships with your customers. People who feel appreciated tend to thank the person who made them feel appreciated.

One example of this is asking your customers for feedback and listening to them. This is a fantastic way to show that you value their input and want to give them the best possible experience with your brand.

Ensure you regularly solicit feedback and opinions from your customers, whether through a customer satisfaction survey or by simply asking them how things are going when interacting with them on social media.

Thanking your customers can boost your social media

90% of consumers say that online reviews affect their decision in purchasing a product or service. And one way for the customer to leave a review is to make them feel appreciated by simply sending thank you notes.

When you send your customers a thank you, they may leave a good review on your website or social media platform, generating excitement and attention from new potential customers as the word spreads.


Consumers are more than customers. They are real people who are just like you. When they interact with you, they want to feel appreciated and understood. After all, their choice to purchase from you was a decision that took time and effort. When we interact with our customers, we should never forget that every interaction is a chance for us to connect with someone on a human level. Do something special to show your appreciation, because without your customers you might as well be out of business.

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