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Hiring a lousy copywriter will cost as much as engaging a good one can make you. Just as you must find suitable suppliers for your products and services, so must you find the right person to put words into product descriptions, ads, websites, and more.

There are thousands of copywriters out there, but how do you know which can help your business? It’s about more than just having written a few books or brochures. To deliver stunning copy that helps your sales soar, you’ll need an experienced writer who knows the various processes involved. Like with any other supplier, it’s all about understanding what they do and how they do it and having confidence that they’ll deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Making sure you’re hiring a great copywriter can take time and effort. It all comes down to how you approach the job; here are five simple tips for hiring a great copywriter to make your business light up.


Experience is essential when hiring a copywriter. The person who writes your copy needs to know how to write in a way that will resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your business goals. You’ll want to look for someone who specializes in writing marketing content (as opposed to, say, writing children’s books or instruction manuals).

If you’re looking at someone’s website, it should be easy to get some sense of their experience. Start by looking at the “About” section of their site—does it indicate their credentials, like whether they are a Certified Professional Marketer? Do they have any testimonials from past clients? If you can read some of their work, that also shows their experience level: does it look professional and polished? How much variety do they offer in their writing samples?


Communication is vital for a good working relationship. If they take too long to get back to you or avoid specific questions with vague answers, then it’s a good sign you will want to avoid working with them. Do they understand what you’re trying to achieve? The best place to start looking for an editor is their blog. See if they use simple and easy-to-understand language to describe complex topics. That could be a warning sign if it’s filled with industry jargon and flowery language.

Understand what skills they have. Some editors are great at line editing, while others are better at polishing your content so it reads seamlessly and clearly. Some will have professional writers that assist with content creation, while others will help you craft your own words. You should also look into the type of editing process they use. For example, most editors will offer developmental editing, looking for more significant issues such as spelling or grammar errors and plot holes before even getting into sentence structure or voice. This can show you how well they know what they’re doing and how far you can trust them with your work.


A good copywriter can give you a feel for how you want your business to be seen and can help you develop a voice for your brand. They’ll work with you to create content that is right for your audience and engaging, as well as clear and concise. A great copywriter won’t just take the words you’ve written but will make them stronger.

They will be able to guide you on what information is valuable to include and what should be left out. They will also help avoid legal issues, ensuring that your content is professional and relevant. Think about how much time it would take to find the information your audience needs—and how much better off you’d be if someone else did it for you!

Writing style

If you need a copywriter but are still determining what writing style you want, think about how your brand is positioned in the marketplace. Do you have a more formal or casual tone? If you’re selling luxury items, hiring a writer who can write with a more reserved and refined voice will make sense. Suppose you’re selling a more affordable item, like apparel or household cleaning products. In that case, your copy should be more friendly and accessible. It’s essential to establish this before hiring your copywriter.

If you’ve already decided what kind of writing style you want for your copy, that’s great—but don’t forget to ask questions to ensure the writer is up to the task at hand! Some writers are too happy to adapt their style to one that better suits your brand, while some will rigidly stick to one type. A good writer will have samples of both types of writing available for you to review to see if their style matches yours.


When looking for a copywriter, you want to ensure they’ll be a good fit for your project. You don’t want to work with someone who you don’t think will be able to deliver the results you want and can handle the demands of the job. When you meet with potential writers, ask yourself: 

  • Do I get along with this person? 
  • Do I enjoy talking to them? 
  • Can I reach out to them if I have a question about a project? 

Sometimes, you’ll find that despite their skills, you don’t like how they view the world or talk about certain things, which can affect their ability to create something that complements your brand. 

There is one way around all this: choose someone whose writing style you admire and ask them if they would be willing to write something on spec, which means that they write something for free so that you can see if it fits your needs before hiring them. It’s always helpful to have a few options when hiring writers that way—you can use their samples as part of your selection process.

Get words that work

If you’re just getting started with hiring, those mentioned above are some helpful tips that should alleviate the stress. These tips aren’t meant to be a cure-all, but they give you a pretty good idea of how the process works and how you can best express your needs to a copywriter (so your copy will be on target). These tips help you get the most out of your next project by working more efficiently with your writer. Keep them in mind before you start hiring. To have more tips like this, contact us immediately!

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