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Are you constantly bogged down with more work than your business can handle? It’s a familiar scenario to many entrepreneurs and one that leaves you feeling permanently stressed.

But there is an alternative. You can outsource to make your workload lighter. When you outsource, you can focus on what you’re good at while someone else handles the rest. Get more time back and run a successful business at the same time!

Why you should outsource tasks

Outsourcing is hiring an outside company or individual to perform specific tasks instead of doing them in-house. It can save businesses time and money by focusing on their core competencies instead of taking on jobs, not in their wheelhouse.

There are many reasons why companies outsource. Some do it to cut costs, while others need help with seasonal peaks or have reached capacity in the office. Whatever the reason, there are many benefits for businesses who choose to outsource:

  1. Hire the Right Person for the Job
  2. Access Expertise You Don’t Have
  3. Save Money on Labor Costs
  4. Grow Your Business


Copywriting is one of the most time-consuming tasks in growing a business. It can take hours to research and write a single blog post. If you’re doing it all yourself, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to grow your business.

A good copywriter will help you attract more leads and increase conversions on your website by optimizing your copy for search engines and increasing its conversion rate.

While there are plenty of companies offering copywriting service, they may not have the experience or expertise required to write keyword-optimized content that converts well. You can save time and money by outsourcing this task to someone who’s already an expert at writing SEO-friendly content.

Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a vital role in the success of any business. A company that can attractively present itself and conveys its message clearly and concisely will stand out from the competition. The quality of a business’s packaging, advertising media, websites, and promotional materials contribute to how desirable it is to potential customers.

With that said, graphic design is not something that many busy business owners have time for. They are already stretched thin by their day-to-day responsibilities and have little energy to devote to ensuring their company is represented well in visually appealing ways.

Business owners should understand that they are not just paying for the time spent on each project but also for the experience and expertise of their designers. Although this might seem like an affordable solution at first glance, hiring someone without the knowledge or reputation of working for larger or small companies  can lead to errors in judgment or communication problems. 

For more guidance in hiring a designer specifically for your website, we created some questions you should ask before hiring a web design company.

Social Media Management

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with customers, prospects, and other business people. But it can also be time consuming and expensive. If you don’t have the time or expertise to create and execute a social media strategy, consider outsourcing it to an agency or consultant.

Social media management services can be as straightforward or complex as you like. The most basic packages offer a single person to manage your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks on an ongoing basis. More advanced offerings include email marketing campaigns, video editing, and graphic design work.

You can also hire an agency to create content for you—blog posts, tweets, and other updates tailored to your needs. The upside of this approach is that they will know what works best for your brand and audience; the downside is that it can be expensive if you’re not sure how much time it will take them to write each piece of content.

Save yourself time

Time is money. That’s the mantra of business owners everywhere, and there’s no doubt that all successful entrepreneurs value their time—and their money. So stop trying to run the business all by yourself.

Ultimately, there’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding what should be outsourced and what shouldn’t. In some cases, outsourcing can save you money; in others, it won’t make much difference. Whether outsourcing makes sense depends on your personal preference—it’s about your comfort level with the outsourced task. But suppose you’re serious about growing your business and creating more time in your schedule. In that case, outsourcing is almost certainly a good idea. It’s a way that you can pay for a particular service once and use it for years to come. The amount of time and effort saved will ultimately be worth the investment.

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