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According to a recent report from Statista, in 2020 there were 3.6 billion active social media users worldwide. Using  social media platforms is a great way to help stay connected with their customers. But there are times when a business tweets, shares, and posts and no one seems to enjoy them  so they have  low engagement.

There are so many places to be present on social media that it can feel daunting. The platforms are constantly changing, and what worked a few years ago will not necessarily work  today. Many companies feel overwhelmed by the prospect of being present on all platforms and do not know where to start.

While industry standards for engagement rates across all social media platforms vary, social media marketers still strive to have a high rate of engagement in their posts. However, despite their best efforts, there are still some brands that  fail to get people to engage with their content.

If you’re one of them, keep on reading and learn about the reasons why your followers won’t engage with your posts.

You are not targeting the right audience

You know that feeling when you are at a party and everyone is talking about something you have no idea about? That’s exactly how it feels for your audience when you do not know who they are.

For example, if your blog articles are aimed at entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs do not follow you, your followers will not read your posts. Let us say you are trying to gain followers on Twitter (a platform where most posts last less than 24 hours), and you are trying to reach an audience interested in hiking and camping without even having a strategy in reaching the right audience. Your time and effort is nothing.

That’s why if your posts are not getting much attention, you should first check whom you are writing for and what you say.

So take some time to understand your target audience’s concerns and hopes. What do they enjoy? The more you know about your readers, the easier it will be to create content they’ll love.

You expect too much too quickly

When you first start posting on social media, it’s easy to get discouraged when your posts do not get the response you want. You may even wonder if you are posting at the right time and if you have the right content.

However, keep in mind that engagement does not happen overnight. Many brands  make the mistake of expecting likes, comments, and followers right away. When that’s not the case, they often give up trying. But building a loyal following that engages with your content is a gradual process.

Remember that it takes time and consistency for your audience to learn more about your brand, become friends with it, and feel like they can trust you enough to take the next step before buying. Before you reach the point where people are ready to buy from you (or at least talk about buying from you), they need time to get to know and like you.

You talk to your followers, not to “them.”

First, consider who is most likely to buy your product/service. Your audience is not everyone, it’s only a specific group of people.

The best posts on social media are the ones that are relevant to your audience. Before posting anything, you need to know who your audience is and what kind of content will be a hit. If you do not understand what motivates your customers, you will not be able to connect on social media. Your content must reflect your brand and its values (and those of your customers).

In order for your marketing efforts to be effective, you need to target the people who will be most interested in what it is that you’re promoting. You don’t want to waste time with people who aren’t going to benefit from your products or services.

You are posting too little

The first step to increasing the visibility of your blog posts is to increase your content output. Every social media platform has a different number of posts needed. However, another factor you need to consider is what kind of content you are writing and what type of audience you are trying to reach.

But that’s not all! You also need to make sure that you publish quality content. If you want to create a post that will generate buzz, you should put as much effort into it as possible when creating  content. Your audience will appreciate the value of your thoughtful posts much more than ones that were tossed off without thought.

You are posting too much

You do not need to post multiple times a day. If you are posting on social media multiple times per day every day, your audience might be suffering from what we call, “overload,” which  can cause your followers to get annoyed and unfollow you.


The bottom line is that you need to create content that gets likes and shares. The reason is that your ultimate goal is to build your community of readers and also turn them into affiliates who will send more traffic your way. There are so many things you can do on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks where you are building an audience of fans. You can post photos, videos, links to articles, and even just text updates. Create content for the people. Give them quality posts that are informative, entertaining, engaging and genuine, so that they’ll share with their friends.

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