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According to recent data from Statista, as of May 2022 an estimated 1.7 billion visits were measured on Reddit—one of the most-visited websites online.

Reddit is one of the coolest places on the web. The best thing is that users are anonymous; people there post in dedicated forums or ‘subreddits’ about topics ranging from pictures of cute animals to philosophical discussions to movie showtimes without worrying about what others might think of them for the asking. 

Sounds great, right? The funny thing is that we hardly see marketers talk about Reddit.

Find out how Reddit forums can be an effective source of informational and entertaining content for your audience. You don’t have to spend your time stuck on ideas all the time!


Reddit is an excellent resource for learning about what your target market wants to know. You can find a category that relates to your business or something similar and dive into the questions people are asking.

Hundreds of thousands of people daily post questions on Reddit asking for advice, feedback or help with a specific situation. Remember that everyone on Reddit is anonymous, so take their responses with a grain of salt (or, more likely, a large handful). This is valuable for content ideas because it gives you immediate insight into what your target audience wants to know. You can then answer those questions in your content and make it even more helpful, encouraging them to keep coming back to you for advice!


The comment section of a Reddit post is essentially an entire discussion board. With thousands of comments on a single thread, there are sure to be just as many different opinions and viewpoints as there are users. This can be overwhelming at first: every comment can feel like you’re jumping into an in-progress conversation with no idea where it started or how it will end. But once you adjust, reading words can be an enriching experience.

It’s easy to get lost in the comment section, especially on a thread with hundreds of responses; however, if you take the time to read through and see what other people say, you’ll often find that they provide value beyond that of their actual comments. You may find that a user who doesn’t offer much in the way of discussion ends up linking to a fascinating article. Or perhaps someone’s response has nothing to do with the post’s topic, but it leads to another great comment from someone else. Take some time to look for these hidden gems in the comment replies—they’re out there!


People love to complain. It’s in our nature. And when it comes to complaining, Reddit has given us a lot of material. Some posts on the site have turned from mere complaints into full-fledged memes and stories.

It might sound negative, but it’s good to keep your ear to the ground when people complain. And people on Reddit will certainly air their grievances! Reading about what people in your chosen niche are unhappy about allows you to create content that solves their problems.

You’ll also find discussions on how people successfully deal with a specific problem or task. This can give you some great ideas for articles and blog posts that can help others solve the same issue.


One of the most valuable features on Reddit is the upvote. It’s an excellent gauge of interest in specific topics, discussions, or opinions. Take a look at some posts with the most engagement or upvotes in the subreddit you’re on. To find them, go to the homepage, click on “new,” and scroll to the bottom of the list—you’ll see any comments that have been posted within the last hour or two, which will likely be among those receiving the most attention right now.

Upvoting is easy—click on one of the thumbnails below a post to add your vote. The more people upvote it the higher it will rank in your subreddit. The highest-ranked posts usually get onto the homepage, so keep an eye out for those.

Solve your content woes

In the end, a thriving subreddit can be a treasure trove for ideas, whether you’re a blogger, writer, freelancer, or business owner. It allows you to connect with potential readers in an ever-growing community. This might seem like an alien world, but it isn’t that different from everywhere else; there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find inspiration here just as easily as anywhere else.

Hopefully, this blog can help you use Reddit for ideas in your content marketing. It  will inspire you to explore this site and its communities in new ways and better use its vast content repository for your needs. To help you out in your content creation process, contact us today for more information!

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