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Having a solid online presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. One fundamental way to do this is by having an active presence on Google My Business, which allows customers to learn more about your business and find you easily when searching online. But what happens if you want to remove the primary owner from Google My Business?

In this article, we’ll walk through how to remove a primary owner from Google My Business successfully. Managing multiple accounts can be tricky, so we’ve broken the steps into easy-to-follow instructions. Despite it seeming like a complicated process at first glance, removing a primary owner doesn’t have to be complex.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know exactly how to navigate the different settings within Google My Business to ensure your account remains safe and secure even after removing its primary owner. So let’s dive right in!

Transfer primary ownership of a business profile

The journey of transferring direct ownership of a business profile is similar to that of an intrepid explorer, setting their sails on the open sea in search of uncharted waters. It can be daunting and requires courage, but you will safely reach your destination with careful preparation and attention to detail.

To start, you must access the Google My Business account, which holds the information for the owner you wish to remove. This part may face obstacles along the way, as it can involve locating passwords or other identification credentials. Once inside, discover ‘Manage Users’ and select ‘Transfer Ownership’ from there. You’ll then have to enter details about who will take over as the new Primary Owner and confirm by email.

Now comes one of the trickiest parts: deciding what content each user should be able to control within their respective roles. Make sure only those people necessary are given full access while everyone else has limited privileges so they can only make permanent changes with approval from management. And finally, after all the steps have been completed successfully, you’ve reached your goal! The previous Primary Owner has been removed and replaced, allowing the business’s profile page to move smoothly under its new leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transfer primary ownership of a business profile?

When transferring the primary owner of a business profile, several steps need to be taken, and several factors play into how long it will take. First and foremost, the current owner must initiate the transfer request from their end. Once they have done this, Google My Business verified both parties before making any changes. Depending on the situation, this process can take anywhere from 24-48 hours.

The next step is for the new primary owner to accept or reject the invite Google My Business gave. If accepted, all ownership rights will officially be transferred to them. However, if left, another invitation may need to be sent out for a successful transfer of power. In addition, due to security reasons, some transfers may require additional verification processes, such as providing proof of identity or other documents related to the business.

Although taking these extra precautions can add more time to the overall process, it ultimately keeps everyone involved safe and secure when dealing with sensitive information about your business profile. Therefore, each party involved must factor in potential delays when initiating a transfer of primary ownership so that no one’s expectations are too high.

Does the primary owner have to be a google account holder?

Strategizing the switch-up of primary ownership for a business profile can be tricky. Addressing all potential issues surrounding this significant change is essential to transfer direct ownership successfully. One key question arises: does the prior owner have to be a Google account holder?

Navigating these shifts in authority requires finesse and forethought. First, the primary owner must indeed possess and use an active Google account. Signing up for a free account with Gmail will do the trick! This ensures that an official entity navigates the transition from one primary owner to another; transferring ownership rights is possible with such an intermediary present.

Moreover, by having access to a dedicated Google account, current and future owners can easily manage their respective business profiles via My Business. With access granted through their accounts, each party involved can better monitor changes occurring within their profile, providing another layer of security during transitions. Appointing new managers or users also becomes simpler when everyone has their logins, which they can use as credentials when making modifications.

In short, if your goal is to seamlessly shift over primary ownership of a business profile on My Business, then having an individualized Google account is essential to ensure accuracy and security throughout this process. With establishing said login beforehand, transitioning between different owners could prove easier—or even impossible!

Can I transfer ownership to someone outside of my organization?

Owning a business is like steering a ship through the choppy waves of the open ocean. You want to reach your destination but need someone reliable at the helm who can guide and direct you there. When it comes to Google My Business, primary ownership comes with great responsibility and it’s essential that whoever holds this role has the authority and capability to manage it.

The question then arises whether or not the primary owner needs to be a Google account holder. The answer is no: transferring ownership to someone outside your organization is possible if they can access an email address associated with their Google account. It’s also worth noting that if you transfer ownership more than once within 30 days, all further transfers will be declined until after those first 30 days.

So while you may have some reservations about handing over control of your business listing, doing so doesn’t mean giving away complete autonomy; you still retain rights regarding what content appears on your page—though these are subject to certain conditions depending on who owns it. Ultimately, having another person in charge could bring enormous benefits for managing current operations and planning for future growth.

How do I know if I am the primary owner of a business profile?

Being the primary owner of a business profile is an important responsibility. It requires you to manage and maintain your business’s online presence and ensure that all information provided on it is accurate. But how do you know if you are indeed the primary owner? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

• Check your email address

If the email address associated with the listing is one you use for work purposes or other business affairs, then chances are high that this means you’re the primary owner.

• Look at who can edit listings

All Google My Business accounts have different access levels depending on who owns them. The administrator has complete control over changes, while lower-level users may only be able to suggest edits without making any themselves.

• Review details about ownership transfer

In some cases, someone else might have set up a listing without informing you first and made themselves the primary user by default. If this is true, you can look into releasing ownership via their support page.

• Contact customer service

If all else fails, contact customer service directly and explain your situation so they can help guide you through transferring ownership away from yourself if necessary.

Remember that knowing whether or not you’re the primary owner of a business profile is essential to properly managing its content and ensuring everything looks correct across platforms. Taking these steps will ensure that customers and search engines get an accurate picture when visiting your website or viewing your listing elsewhere online!

Can I transfer ownership for multiple business profiles at once?

Transferring ownership for multiple business profiles is possible, starting with a simple step. Allowing business owners the ability to quickly and easily move their accounts from one owner to another can be a handy tool. By following this guide, you’ll have everything you need to know to transfer your business profiles’ ownership.

First, you must ensure all of the necessary information associated with each profile has been correctly entered into Google My Business. This includes names, email addresses, phone numbers, and any other relevant contact details needed for authentication. Once these steps are complete, you can start the process of changing ownership for multiple businesses simultaneously.

The next step requires logging into each account individually and selecting the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option on the Settings page. Enter the new primary owner’s email address here and click ‘Send Invitation.’ Finally, wait until they accept the invitation before transitioning them as the new primary owner of your business profiles. With this method, you can easily switch out who manages your various business accounts without going through each individual every time.


After reading through this article, it is clear that transferring primary ownership of a Business Profile on Google My Business can be complicated and involved. From knowing if you are already the prior owner to ensuring that all parties involved have a valid Google account, there’s no wonder why so many people need clarification when attempting to transfer ownership! However, with these tips in mind, everyone should now be able to breeze through the process. 

After all, what could go wrong? All you need is an internet connection and some patience—something we don’t always have enough in today’s world. So take your time and ensure everything is done correctly—otherwise, this process may extend beyond its intended deadline!

Finally, I wish all those embarking on their journey as either new or existing business profile owners the best of luck. May your endeavors prove fruitful and successful! Visit us to know more!

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