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Nothing is worse than investing in SEO only to find you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for. Of course you’re left with a dilemma as an online business owner. You want a Google-friendly website, but how do you know it’s working? How do you know if it’s helping your bottom line?

Before hiring an SEO expert, ask these five simple questions and keep an eye out for these red flags.

How do you measure success?

They should be able to answer this question quickly and easily. If not, then they probably don’t have a sound system for measuring results and improving their client’s websites over time.

The answer to this question will give you a lot of insight into their methods. They may say “rankings” and “traffic,” but those are just numbers. Some SEO companies will also provide case studies or examples of their work, which helps you understand how they operate and what they can do for your business.

What is your experience in the field?

The best way to evaluate whether someone is genuinely an SEO expert is to ask about their experience. Ask about their client base and what types of businesses they have worked with. Also, ask about previous projects and how long they have worked in this industry. If they have been working for less than five years, it’s unlikely they will have much experience with large websites or high-traffic sites because there are so many different variables involved with these projects.

If you want to hire an SEO expert, ensure they have a portfolio showcasing their work. This will give you an idea of what kind of results they can produce and if they would be able to meet your expectations.

What does your process look like?

The best SEO experts know how to measure results, but not all do it equally well. You want someone who can analyze traffic data and provide recommendations based on this data alone or at least in addition to other factors like conversion rates or sales numbers.

SEO experts have different approaches, so it’s essential to find out how they work before making any decisions. Some will use a simple set of guidelines, while others have a more complex process that includes A/B testing and other advanced techniques. Not all strategies are created equal, so understand what goes into each project before agreeing to work with someone.

What will it cost?

SEO is an investment; like any investment, you want to ensure it’s worth it. So you want to know exactly how much this service will cost you before hiring anyone. This should be a red flag if they don’t give you an estimate. A good SEO professional will have no problem telling you what their services will cost and how long they expect them to take. They should also be able to show you examples of similar projects they’ve completed in the past to see what kind of results they’re capable of producing for your business.

Is your reporting and meeting schedule consistent?

Some SEO companies will send you weekly or monthly reports that show their progress. Others will meet with you weekly or monthly to update you on their progress. Either way, make sure the frequency of the reports is consistent. If they’re not, ask why and see if they’ll change it. You want someone who will inform you regularly about their work so you know whether or not they’re doing what they said they would do.

What to watch out for when hiring an SEO Expert

You are looking for the right SEO expert to help your business grow, and hiring the wrong person can do more harm than good. To avoid wasting your time and money, look for these red flags when hiring an SEO Expert.

Cheap rates

If you find someone who charges a very cheap rate there is a big chance they will not be able to provide good service and rank your website well. Optimizing your website correctly takes time and effort, so if the price seems too reasonable to be accurate then it probably is.

Empty promises

Some SEO experts may promise you many things without being able to deliver. They might tell you that they can get your website to the top of Google in a week or two or  promise they can fix your site’s technical SEO issues.

If an SEO expert makes empty promises, walk away from them immediately. There is no quick fix for SEO; getting good results takes time and effort. In fact, Moz lists 5 reasons why some big SEO firms didn’t promise guaranteed search engine rankings, and one of the reasons was the unpredictability of rankings in search engines.

Hiding their process

SEO isn’t about magic and secret tricks; it’s about doing the right things correctly. If an agency won’t share its process with you it’s probably because they’re not doing anything special or unique.

Bad communication

When hiring an SEO expert, communication is essential—especially when setting expectations and keeping track of progress. If their communication skills are lacking or they don’t respond quickly enough it’s best to move on and find someone else who can meet your needs.

Ask us anything about SEO

Knowing the right things to ask your SEO expert and what to avoid when hiring an SEO agency is essential. The information you get from your expert will help shape your business’s online strategy. If you are still struggling to find a quality  SEO agency, contact Stoute Web Solutions today for inquiries.

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