What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the utilization of various social networks to promote your business. Different types of  businesses see success on different social networks.

Retail and travel businesses often see success via visual ads – amazing product or destination imagery which draws in potential customers through aesthetic appeal. For such an approach: Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook may be a good avenue.

Businesses focused on business to business products and services often see success on LinkedIn.

Over time, social media marketing is evolving from an organic, content-based approach to more of a PPC approach, where your main focus is on creating ads and targeting them to hit your audience. Organic reach continues to decrease across the board, as social networks battle for revenue.

The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to their business has increased by 75%. (State of Inbound Marketing)

Examples of the types of clients which often see success with this digital marketing tool: entertainment, pet services, recreational, grocery chains, attorneys, restaurants, health & beauty, HVAC

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