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Proactive Updates and Security

Content updates. Security monitoring. Software maintenance.

Managing your WordPress website maintenance can be a full time job. Our team monitors your site for changes, software and plugin updates, security vulnerabilities, and uptime. We will ensure your website is current with any WordPress core, theme, or plugin updates being completed on a regularly scheduled basis.

WordPress Care Plan Packages

Sites running WooCommerce or other eCommerce platforms will require a Premium level plan.


  • Daily backups
  • Weekly WordPress core updates
  • Weekly theme updates
  • Weekly plugin updates
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Optimized hosting included
  • 1 Hour Included Monthly Updates
  • Additional updates at $200/hr
  • Fortress Security (+$50/mo)
  • No Ecommerce Features
Setup Fee: Waived


  • All Core plan features
  • Access to premium licenses
  • SPAM monitoring
  • SPAM clean up/removal
  • Analytics Setup (Matomo Analytics)
  • Annual website audit
  • 3 hours of monthly updates
  • Additional updates at $200/hr
  • Fortress Security ($50/mo Value)
  • No Ecommerce Features
Setup Fee: Waived


  • Advanced plan features
  • DNS Setup and Configuration
  • Proactive server monitoring
  • Proactive server configuration
  • 6 hours of monthly updates
  • Additional updates at $200/hr
  • Fortress Security ($50/mo Value)
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Membership Support
Setup Fee: Waived

Annual commitments receive 2 months free and waived setup fees.
Monthly payment options are available: Core @ $149/mo, Advanced @ $249/mo, and Premium @ $499/mo.

Setup fees are waived on annual payment schedules. Month-to-month payment schedule has a setup fee of $500.


Secure Backups

Backups stored offsite in multiple locations keep your data secure and available.

WooCommerce Support

Our team is trained on the unique requirments of a WooCommerce site so that your orders keep rolling in.

Software Maintenance

Keeping your website's theme, plugins, and core software up to date and secure every step of the way.

Spam Prevention and Cleanup

All the content that gets developed for your website can be placed in an ongoing blog.

Monthly Updates

Every plan includes time each month for content changes. Swap a photo, some text, or add a new page!

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Hosting built specifically for your WordPress website and customized for your unique configuration.

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