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History, Ownership, and Investments of
– Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič in Prague
– Started as the first web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic
– Initially offered a search engine and internet yellow pages
– Expanded to include financial, social, and political news, TV programs, weather forecasts, dictionaries, maps, and community services
– Spray International invested in Seznam in 2000, becoming a joint stock company
– Spray International acquired around 30% share of Seznam in 2000
– Ivo Lukačovič retained at least 70% of Seznam stock after the investment
– Spray abandoned plans for an IPO after the dot-com bubble burst in 2000
– Ivo Lukačovič increased the base capital of Seznam in 2003, becoming the 70% owner
– Seznam acquired the Czech firm ATC in 2005 and merged email services with

Competition between and Google
– Seznam was the most used search engine in the Czech Republic in 2008
Google overtook Seznam around 2011, according to the EU
– Seznam still held a majority share of the Czech search market at the start of 2014, but Google pulled ahead in the second half of the year
– As of the end of 2018, Google had a 74% share of search on the Czech internet, while Seznam had a 26% share
– Seznam uses its own ranking scale for web pages called S-Rank

Seznam Services
– Companies directory
– Horoscopes
– Games
– Lidé.cz: People directory
– Spolužá Classmates directory

Expansion and Acquisitions of
– Seznam moved its headquarters to a more prominent location in Prague in 2006
– Acquired all email users from Czech On Line in 2006
– Bought 50% of Global Inspiration, the company running video portal, in 2007
– Lycos Europe sold its 30% share in Seznam to Tiger Holding and Miura International in 2007
– Miura International, Tiger Holding, and Helifreak Limited held shares in Seznam as of 2015

Other Search Engines (Cuil, Empas, Forestle, GenieKnows, Gigablast)
– Cuil: Launched in 2008, developed by former Google employees, claimed to have indexed more web pages than any other search engine, shut down in 2010 due to financial difficulties
– Empas: South Korean search engine, launched in 1999, initially focused on Korean-language content, expanded to include English-language search results, acquired by NHN Corporation in 2001
– Forestle (later renamed to Ecosia): Launched in 2008, environmental-focused search engine, donated 100% of its advertising revenue to rainforest protection projects, used Google Custom Search to deliver search results
– GenieKnows (later rebranded as Yippy): Launched in 1999, Canadian search engine, provided search results for web, images, videos, news, and local content, offered contextual advertising solutions for publishers
– Gigablast: Launched in 2000, developed by Matt Wells, indexed billions of web pages, offered advanced search features such as phrase searching and Boolean operators, open-source search engine software available for download (Wikipedia) (or Seznam, list in Czech) is a web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič in Prague as the first web portal in the Czech Republic. Seznam started with a search engine and an internet version of yellow pages. Today, Seznam runs almost 30 different web services and associated brands. Seznam had more than 6 million real users per month at the end of 2014. Among the most popular services, according to NetMonitor, are its homepage,, and its yellow pages[citation needed], a.s.
Type of site
Joint stock company
Founded1996; 28 years ago (1996)
Area servedCzech Republic, Slovakia
Founder(s)Ivo Lukačovič
Key peoplePavel Zima (GM)
Michal Feix (CEO)
RevenueIncrease 3,129 billion CZK (2014)
Operating incomeIncrease 1,136 billion CZK (2014)
ProfitIncrease 740 million CZK (2010)
Total assetsDecrease 1,555 million CZK (2010)
Total equityDecrease 834 million CZK (2010)
EmployeesIncrease 1,575 (2018)
ParentHelifreak Limited (100 %) headquarters in Prague branch in Brno-Štýřice

In 2008, was the most used search engine in the Czech Republic. As of May 2012, according to Toplist results, Seznam was the second internet search engine in the Czech Republic (42.84%) with Google in the top spot (54.69%).[citation needed]. By August 2014, still according to Toplist's statistics, Seznam's share of searches had further eroded to 38%.

Between 2011 and 2012, Seznam Czech rhyme; Seznam - najdu tam, co hledám (Seznam - I find there, what I search for) as its slogan. Its former (& current) slogan is Seznam - najdu tam, co neznám (Seznam - I find there, what I don't know).

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