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Nominate a Business

Nominate a Business

Nominate a business or non-profit

Our team is constantly wanting to give back to the communities and organizations that help people succeed. That's why we've come together to do just that ourselves by donating full featured website designs and hosting to businesses who are just getting started, giving back to their community, or who just need a professional helping hand.

Who is qualified?

Any person, business, or non-profit in need of a website and hosting.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, you can nominate yourself but our selection process will be strict and you'll have to express a real need.

Why are you giving it away?

We don't feel like we're giving it away but just giving back to the communities who helped make our business successful. We're investing in the people, businesses, and organizations who need it most.

What kind of website will I get?

Each business and person will have a different goal and until we have an initial meeting about your goals, we will not be able to say the software platform that we'll be building on. Typically we do find that most businesses and organizations we work with are able to utilize the WordPress software platform.

Each website is built to help achieve a business's goals and will most likely end up being a custom build valued between $8,000 and $15,000 USD.

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