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Wired (magazine) – Wikipedia

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History and Ownership
– Founded by Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe, and Ian Charles Stewart in 1993
– Initial backing from software entrepreneur Charlie Jackson and Nicholas Negroponte
– Debut at the Macworld conference on January 2, 1993
– Won two National Magazine Awards for General Excellence in its first four years
– Wired magazine and Wired News had separate owners from 1998 to 2006
– Condé Nast bought Wired News for $25 million in 2006, reuniting the magazine with its website
– Wired Ventures attempted to go public with an IPO in 1996, but the attempts were unsuccessful
– Wired Ventures was purchased by Advance Publications, which assigned it to Condé Nast Publications

Spin-offs and Expansion
– Launched Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany
– Wired UK was relaunched in April 2009
– HotWired spawned websites Webmonkey, HotBot, and
– Wired launched the Italian edition in 2009
– The UK edition of Wired was relaunched in 2009

Influence and Recognition
– Founding editor and publisher Louis Rossetto had a strong influence on the magazine’s editorial outlook
– Recognized as the voice of the emerging digital culture
– Won several National Magazine Awards for both editorial and design
– Acknowledged as Adweek’s Magazine of the Decade in 2021
– Contributor Chris Anderson popularized the term ‘the long tail’

Notable Contributions
– Coined the term ‘crowdsourcing’
– Introduced the annual tradition of Vaporware Awards
– Published the story that became the movie Argo
– Known for deep investigative reporting, including a story on Facebook
– Published the iconic June 1997 cover featuring the Apple logo with a stylized crown of thorns

Leadership Changes and Website
– Scott Dadich was editor-in-chief from 2012-2014 and conducted an interview with Edward Snowden
– Nicholas Thompson, an editor at The New Yorker, became editor in 2017
– In 2021, Thompson left and was replaced by Gideon Lichfield
– In 2022, Conde Nast’s CEO stated that Wired does not operate in China due to news-related censorship
– In August 2023, Katie Drummond was announced as the new editor of Wired
–, formerly known as Wired News and HotWired, launched in October 1994
– and the magazine were split in the late 1990s but reunited when Condé Nast purchased Wired News in 2006
– is currently paywalled as of August 2023
– hosts several technology blogs on various topics
– Wired had a supplement called Geekipedia

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