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The Wall Street Journal – Wikipedia

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History and Milestones
– The Wall Street Journal was first published on July 8, 1889.
– Dow Jones & Company News Service was launched in the same year.
– The Dow Jones Industrial Average was introduced in 1896.
– The Review & Outlook column started in 1899.
– Barron’s, a financial weekly, was founded in 1921.
– Clarence Barron purchased control of the company in 1902.
– Circulation increased from 7,000 to 50,000 by the late 1920s.
– Bernard Kilgore became managing editor in 1941 and CEO in 1945.
– The paper won its first Pulitzer Prize in 1947.
– Dow Jones Newswires expanded internationally in 1967.
– Integration of print and online subscribers began in 2003.
– The Wall Street Journal became the largest paid-subscription news site in 2007.
– Digital subscriptions reached 1.3 million in 2018.
– The monthly cost for an online subscription was $22.99 in 2013.
– Front-page advertising was reintroduced in 2006.
– The paper reduced its width from 15 to 12 inches in 2007.
– The A-hed feature story location was changed.
– Ink dot drawings called hedcuts were introduced in 1979.
– Mario Garcia collaborated on the design changes.
– WSJ Noted., a monthly digital magazine, launches in June 2020.
– The Wall Street Journal reaches 3 million subscribers in May 2020.
– WSJ Live becomes available on mobile devices in September 2011.
– WSJ Weekend expands in September 2010 with two new sections: Off Duty and Review.
– Greater New York, a stand-alone section dedicated to the New York metro area, runs from April 2010 to July 2021.
– The Wall Street Journal published in multiple sections since 1980.
– Page count decline from 96 pages to 50-60 pages per issue.
– Global news staff of around 2,000 journalists in 85 news bureaus across 51 countries.
– 26 printing plants as of 2012.
– Regularly scheduled sections include Section One, Marketplace, Money and Investing, Personal Journal, Off Duty, and Review.

Ownership and Editorial Independence
– The Wall Street Journal is published by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corp.
– News Corporation makes an unsolicited takeover bid for Dow Jones in 2007.
– Bancroft family initially rejects the offer but later reconsidered.
– News Corporation and Dow Jones enter into a merger agreement in 2007.
– The US$5 billion sale adds The Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch’s news empire.
– Shareholders representing over 60% of Dow Jones voting stock approve the acquisition in 2007.
– News Corporation and Bancrofts agree on preserving editorial independence.
– Special committee established to oversee editorial integrity.
– Managing editor Marcus Brauchli resigns, violating the agreement.
– Charges against Murdoch for making and breaking similar promises in the past.
– Inflated European sales numbers and advertising rates at The Wall Street Journal.

Subtopics and Features
– WSJ Magazine, published Fridays, focuses on high-end real estate.
– WSJ Magazine launched on October 5, 2012.
– WSJ Magazine started as a quarterly magazine in 2008 and grew to 12 issues per year in 2014.
– WSJ Magazine features various columnists on different days of the week.
– Opinion Page, regular columnists contribute to the opinion page.
– carries two daily web-only opinion columns.
– launched in April 1996.
–, a website featuring content from the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal.
– WSJ Noted., a monthly digital news and culture magazine launched in June 2020.
– WSJ Noted. is targeted towards subscribers aged 18-34.
– WSJ Noted. includes a group of 7,000 young adults who provide feedback and participate in Q&As.
– WSJ Noted. aims to attract a younger audience to The Wall Street Journal.
– WSJ Noted. is intended to engage with young adults through preview content and interactive sessions.

Partnerships and Rankings
– The Wall Street Journal ranked the most trusted news organization by Americans in 2018.
– Partnership with Facebook from 2019 to 2022 to provide content for News Tab.
– Launch of Buy Side, a product review website, in June 2022.

Other Notable Facts
– The Wall Street Journal has won 39 Pulitzer Prizes, the most recent in 2023.
– The Wall Street Journal has a print circulation of around 654,000 and 3 million digital subscribers as of 2022.
– The editorial pages are typically center-right in their positions.

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