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Instant indexing

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Delayed inclusion
– Some search engine services may have a delay in including websites in search results.
– Delayed inclusion can be caused by factors such as the size of the index or corporate policies.
– Certain services, like, only index content collected by a crawler program and do not allow manual adding of content.

Criticisms of instant indexing
– Instant indexing can be criticized for filtering results manually or via algorithms to prevent inclusion of violating content.
– Instant indexing affects the timeliness of the indexed content.
– Crawlers typically visit websites only if they are linked to by other websites, so unlinked websites may not be visited.
– Instant indexing bypasses the quality control mechanism of relying on incoming links.
– Search services offering instant indexing often provide paid inclusion, which can reduce the quality of search results.

External links
– Dhoom News Network provides a guide on how to create an API for fast Google indexing.
– Earth Station 9 offers a search engine guide that includes information on web directories.

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– Dhoom News Network provides information on how to create an API for fast Google indexing.
– A guide on indexing domains quickly is available.
– YouTube offers resources on indexing your site.
– Information on submitting your site to search engines can be found.
– Wikipedia has a page on instant indexing that can be expanded.

Instant indexing (Wikipedia)

Instant indexing is a feature offered by Internet search engines that enables users to submit content for immediate inclusion into the index.

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