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WordPress website support provided for FREE to anyone who runs their own WordPress site.

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Finally, a WordPress Support Plugin that doesn't require a fee!

The Finally Free Support plugin is the best free support plugin on the market.

Here are some features that make this plugin the best plugin to add to your website!

  • Support Tickets

    Create a support ticket for more complex issues. Have WordPress experts get you an answer in a timely manner.

  • Talk to a real person

    Book a call with one of our WordPress experts and chat on the phone about your issue. You can even do a screen share if needed.

  • Live Chat w/ an Expert

    Chat live with a WordPress expert who can help you with quick questions.

  • Peer Help Group

    Leverage a unique peer support group of other Finally Free Support users to combine the collective knowledge of the group to answer your questions.

  • Recommended Resources

    We've compiled a list of a bunch of WordPress related resources that you can review to make your WordPress experience that much better!

  • WordPress User Manual

    (Coming Soon) We're developing an integrated WordPress user manual covering commonly asked questions and tasks like creating a post, new page, or even dealing with WooCommerce.

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Best of all, it's completely free... forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?

Yes, the plugin and associated support are completely free.

A majority of the questions we receive are about how to use WordPress or what plugins we recommend to add additional functionality to a website.

We understand that some questions might require a more in-depth look into the problem at which point we would provide a fair quote to complete.

What is provided in this plugin?

Within the plugin you will find the following services:

  • Support Tickets
  • Schedule a call
  • Live Chat
  • Peer Help
  • Recommended Resources
  • WordPress User Manual (Coming soon)

What is this plugin for?

This plugin provides website owners that run their website using WordPress access to WordPress experts who can help answer quick questions about their website.

What is this plugin not intended for?

This support plugin is not intended to provide support to developers who are building custom plugins or themes and need assistance in completing them or are trying to figure out how to build one. For this, we recommend scheduling a call with one of our developers who can provide a fair quote.

My site is custom. Will your team still be able to help?

In most cases, yes!

There are a few situations where we'll need to have access to your website's admin dashboard or server's SFTP so that we can take a deeper look and be able to properly answer your questions. If this is the case, we'll provide a fair estimate to troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

I use WooCommerce. Can you still help?


We build a majority of our eCommerce websites based on the WordPress + WooCommerce. That means that all of our team members will be able to answer your more complex questions.

Why do I need to create a support ticket?

Sometimes our team is sleeping... This means that the live chat option isn't available. With these requests, you'll want to open a support ticket to have our team tackle your question as soon as they come back online.

Other times we might request that you create a support ticket as the issue might require additional time to work through and a support ticket allows our team the ability to take the appropriate time and energy to put into answering your question.

I don't speak English. Can you still help?

At this time our team can only properly help people in English.

If you submit a ticket, start a live chat, or book a call and don't speak English our team will not be able to assist at this time.

Feel free to use translation software like Google Translate to convert your message into English though. We'll reply in English so you'll need to keep using the translation tool while we're providing you support.

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