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Our Process

1. Discovery

I'll ask a ton of questions to uncover the truth about why you need a new website and what goals you're trying to achieve. Some of these questions might get a little uncomfortable. Honestly, if it doesn't I haven't asked the right questions yet.

2. Wireframes

Based on our discoverey sessions, we'll develop some wireframes for the potential layout and design of the new website. We'll use current best practices in combination with our experience with building websites and your expertise in your industry to create the best structure for your new website.

3. Design

We'll use the approved wireframes to design mockups of the new website that will bring your design to life. This is the first time where you'll see your brand colors, photos, and be able to visualize what the design will look like when it's ready for the rest of the world to see.

4. Development

Now that you've approved the design of the website we'll take those mockups and build a full website. You'll be able to get hands on with the website and see how it reacts to user input. We'll build out the lead capture forms, landing pages, and a fully integrated contextual search function into your website. 

5. Testing

Now that your website is fully built, we're going to do a deep dive into your new website and encourage you and your team to do the same. It's this stage where we'll catch any issues that may come up and get them resolved asap. Once this round of testing is completed we'll be ready to start our pre-launch stage.

6. Launch

Your website has been researched, designed, developed, and tested at this point. Now we're running through the last few things like integrating your analytics tracking, CRM integrations, etc. Once these tasks are ready we'll launch your website! 

7. Maintain

Your website has launched and you have traffic coming in, that's awesome! Next up would be making sure that your website stays up to date and current. That means software updates, backups, content revisions, making sure everything we worked so hard to build stays secure and online. We'll enroll you in a care plan that meets your businesses needs to ensure that your site is appropriately taken care of.

8. Marketing

The last step of any successful new site launch would be marketing to make sure that traffic increases in a variety of ways. We can help with SEO and PayPer Click marketing services either as a stand-alone service OR working alongside your team as another team member.

Are you ready to do great things?

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