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The Art of Computer Programming – Wikipedia

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History and Development of “The Art of Computer Programming”
Donald Knuth’s education and early career at Burroughs Corporation
– Proposal and expansion of the book from a single volume to seven volumes
– Support from Richard S. Varga

Assembly Language in the Book
– Use of MIX assembly language and MIX computer in the examples
– Transition to the use of MMIX computer, a RISC version
– Emulation software available for MIX architecture
– Importance of assembly language for algorithm speed and memory usage

Critical Response to “The Art of Computer Programming”
Donald Knuth’s Turing Award for contributions to algorithm analysis and computer programming
– Recognition as the first and best comprehensive treatment of computer programming
– Inclusion in the list of 100 Books that shaped a Century of Science
– Endorsement by Bill Gates and recognition by The New York Times

Volumes and Editions of “The Art of Computer Programming”
– Publication details and page counts of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3
– Separate ISBN and availability of errata/addenda for each volume
– Coverage of fundamental algorithms, seminumerical algorithms, sorting and searching, and combinatorial algorithms
– Previous editions and their publication details

Volumes and Fascicles of “The Art of Computer Programming”
– Publication details and contents of Volume 4A and Volume 4B
– Manuscript submission and publication timeline for Volume 4
– Planned Fascicle 7 for Volume 4C
– Various boxed sets and their publication details
– Details of individual fascicles and pre-fascicles for Volume 4 and Volume 1

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