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A List Apart

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History of A List Apart
– A List Apart began in 1997 as a mailing list for web designers.
– Moderated and published by Jeffrey Zeldman and Brian Platz.
– Within months, 16,000 designers, developers, and content specialists had joined the list.
– A List Apart transformed into a web magazine in 1998.
– The website has had three major visual designs.

A List Apart: The Web Design Survey
– From 2007 to 2011, A List Apart annually surveyed the web design and development community.
– The surveys provided insights into salary, job satisfaction, workplace discrimination, and more.
– Tens of thousands of respondents participated each year.
– The magazine provides anonymized raw data with each findings report.
– Readers can verify the findings or conduct their own investigations.

International editions of A List Apart
– A List Apart launched its first international edition in Arabic in 2010.
– An Italian version has also been launched.
– These international editions are authorized publications of A List Apart.

Related resources and references
– Web Standards Project
CSS Zen Garden
– Gomez-Palacio, Bryony; Vit Armin (2009). Graphic Design, Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications and History of Graphic Design.
– Gardner Susannah; Birley, Shane (2012). Blogging For Dummies.
– Zeldman, Jeffrey; Marcotte, Ethan (2010). Designing With Web Standards.
– Zeldman, Jeffrey (August 22, 2005). A List Apart 4.0.
– Shafer, Dan (2004). HTML Utopia: Designing without Tables Using CSS.

Notable features or characteristics
– A List Apart started as a mailing list and later became a web magazine.
– The Web Design Survey provided valuable insights into the web design and development community.
– A List Apart has launched international editions in Arabic and Italian.
– The magazine provides anonymized raw data and encourages readers to verify the findings.
– A List Apart has had three major visual designs for its website.

A List Apart (Wikipedia)

A List Apart is a webzine that explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

A List Apart
Type of site
Webzine (electronic periodical publication)
Available inEnglish, Arabic, Italian
Created byJeffrey Zeldman
  • 1997 (as a mailing list)* 1998 (as a webzine)
Current statusOnline
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