Case Study:

HOA Maintenance Services

Building a powerful online presence from the ground up

When Jason Redding and his wife purchased Tigard, Oregon-based HOA Maintenance Services on January 1, 2016, they bought a business with tremendous potential. Unfortunately, the website that came along with it wasn’t in the same condition. When potential customers searched online for the company, which provides top-notch janitorial, maintenance and repair services for multifamily residential properties all over the greater Portland area, they were directed to a URL hosting a page that had read “Coming Soon!” for the past several years. As a business owner for over 20 years, Redding knew that drastically improving his new company’s online presence would be crucial to its success, which made finding an online marketing firm that could handle the task a top priority straight out of the gate.

“My business manager reached out to 30 different companies for proposals,” Redding recalled. “After reviewing them all, we settled on Stoute Web Solutions. From the get-go, Paul was competitive, responsive and confident that he could get us going while staying within our budget, which is really important for a small company.”

Stoute kicked off the project with a strategy session with the HOA team that would inform and guide the creation of the company’s new website.

“HOA Services were in dire need of a compelling website,” Stoute stressed, “one that would tell their story, generate leads and drive conversions. Rather than just dive in and start designing and coding, we started off by creating buyer personas based on their target demographic, which are homeowners association board members looking for a facilities maintenance partner. Then we built every aspect of the website to attract that demographic. The design elements reflect the company’s branding, with images that resonate with the people who will want to sign up for their services. We made sure it had a simple menu structure with straightforward landing pages that explain each of HOA Maintenance Services’ three different divisions and clear CTA’s to drive inquiries to the sales team. We built it in WordPress to make it simple to make changes and updates moving forward.” 

In addition to the creation, hosting and maintenance of their new website, Redding tapped Stoute Web Solutions to handle the company’s entire online presence. 

“Jason wanted to highlight HOA Maintenance Services outside of their own network to attract new clients,” Stoute said. “So we enrolled them in our Local Directory Listing Service that listed their company information and website on over 300 different major aggregators, search engines, directories, and apps. From Google, Yahoo! and Bing to Yelp and Apple Maps — pretty much anywhere someone is searching for their services, HOA Services will show up as a provider. We also implemented an email marketing program geared toward both their existing and past clients after the launch of the website to help drive conversions. The emails provide friendly reminders about their key services, as well as convenient scheduling. We’ve also just kicked off a Facebook ad campaign designed to increase social media outreach and generate potential employee leads.” 

“Stoute Web Solutions is essentially our outsourced marketing department,” Redding emphasized. “My relationship with Paul has really grown over the past seven or eight months since I decided to take over our marketing efforts. Since that time we’ve had a few different sit-downs, and we talk on the phone regularly. In fact, this morning we were on the phone for 45 minutes strategizing. He’s worked hard to learn about our business and what our target markets are, and he really understands what we’re trying to accomplish.”

"We’re a referral-based business, but we need to continue to educate our customers and market to them if we want to achieve our goal of 20-25 percent growth year over year. I’m confident that what Paul and his team are developing will do just that."

- Jason Redding

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