For over 60 years, Granberg International has been committed to providing its customers around the globe with the highest quality chainsaw mills and accessories in the industry. It was this dedication to exceptional service that led the family-owned company based in Pittsburg, California, to contact Stoute Web Solutions in 2014. Their frustration with their previous web hosting provider’s slow response to their maintenance and change requests had reached a peak, and Granberg was hoping to partner with a firm whose commitment to exemplary customer support that matched their own. 

Owner Paul Stoute was quick to respond and schedule a one-on-one consultation. During their discussion, he determined that Granberg’s business needs demanded a site that would provide their customers with a fast, reliable online shopping experience with absolutely no downtime. He also knew that Stoute Web Solutions had the right combination of talent and tools in place to make it happen.  

First, the Stoute Web Solutions team migrated the Granberg site to their fast, secure, reliable cloud server, which offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee that accounts for approximately one hour of downtime each year for reboots and software patches. They also created a regular routine maintenance schedule that included updating Granberg’s website software and related plugins, checking for vulnerabilities such as malware, and mitigating hacking attempts by blocking malicious IP addresses. The team had the Granberg site up and running in no time, but as fate would have it, within six months the developers of their current software—Drupal 6—announced they’d no longer be supporting it. Realizing that Drupal is less than ideal for eCommerce sites, Stoute offered the perfect solution: an entirely new WordPress site with features and functionality that would better serve both the Granberg and their customers.

Once Granberg signed off on the project,  Stoute Web Solutions created a new site map that streamlined all of Granberg’s content into an SEO-friendly structure. Then the designers rolled up their sleeves and went to work, creating a website that completely reconfigured all of the site’s categories, blog posts, pages and product categories into a format the internet’s top search engines would find enticing. During the development process, Stoute Web Solutions incorporated page builder software so the Granberg marketing team could easily make content adjustments such as changing copy, replacing images and adding buttons—all things that would be very difficult on a Drupal platform—without having to make change requests. Finally, WooCommerce integration was added to create a much more robust online shopping experience.

Since designing, building and launching their new WordPress site in June 2016,  Stoute Web Solutions has provided Granberg International with ongoing hosting, maintenance, consulting, SEO content development and Google AdWords management services—all of which have combined to help the Granberg site realize a 20% increase in repeat visitors and a significant boost in online revenue. The site has remained fast, functional and stable, and all requests have been addressed quickly and thoroughly. 

It makes sense that a company with such a long history of excellence would expect the same level of service from their web service provider. Luckily for Granberg, they found exactly what they were looking for in the team at Stoute Web Solutions.