Company Name

From an online bulletin board to a modern business card


The Challenge

Transform the Outlaw Xpeditions website from what was essentially a disorganized online bulletin board into a clean, organized site that would function as an online business card, generating more sponsorships and revenue from online SWAG sales. 

  • Goal 1: Eliminate the current Wix site in favor of a professionally designed and hosted replacement
  • Goal 2: Feature engaging content that will drive sponsorships and product sales
  • Goal 3: Find an effective eCommerce solution.

The Solution

Design and build an entirely new WordPress site 

  • Solution 1: Create a cohesive theme and color palette, and add engaging photos videos and graphics that functioned to tell a captivating story.
  • Solution 2: Bring order to the site by ensuring menus routed to the correct pages and all copy was free of errors
  • Solution 3: Employ WooCommerce integration to improve both the ordering process and inventory control

Solution Integrations

Stripe logo - slate_sm


Once the new site went live, Outlaw Xpeditions founder Jason Hamasu began driving people to the site rather than away from it. 

  • Site traffic increased significantly
  • Most of OX’s current sponsorships came after the launch of the new website
  • Online SWAG sales flourished, and the OX team had a much easier time with order fulfillment

What Our Client Has To Say

“What Paul provided for us was better than what we ever expected,” Hamasu stressed. “He’s been professional, punctual and enthusiastic throughout the entire time we’ve worked with him, and we can’t thank him enough for creating a site for us that has helped us turn our dreams into reality.” 

Jason Hamasu

Outlaw Xpeditions Founder

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