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Should You Hire a Boutique Marketing Agency in Portland?

When deciding on marketing and advertising for your company, there are a few things to consider. Do you hire a person into your company to run your marketing and advertising? Or, do you find time in your busy schedule of running the company to also come up with marketing ideas as well? Or, what if you hired it out to a boutique marketing agency?

If you decide to hire a person, you now have a full or part-time employee that may or may not get sick or need a day off work too. Is their coming in to work on marketing worth it to your business and bottom line? If you do it yourself, you’ll be burning your candle at both ends with running the business and the marketing. If you decide to hire a boutique marketing agency, then you’re paying a small fee for great services, and they’ll never take a sick day or need benefits.

Let’s talk about Stoute Web Solutions: the Portland boutique marketing agency that can help save your company time and money on your website needs.

We believe that with a great boutique marketing agency, you can increase your potential customers in just a short while. You have invested a lot into your business, and by hiring us as your boutique marketing agency in Portland, we take it as a huge responsibility and privilege to help you grow as a business. From design to website maintenance, we help ensure that your company’s programs are running efficiently and safely.

We offer a few varieties of programs from which to choose:

  • Starter Plan – Just Maintenance $39/mo
  • Basic Plan – Maintenance and Support $79/mo
  • Advanced Plan – Digital Optimization $159/mo
  • Premium Plan – $299/mo

Each plan option is designed to help you decide what parts and services you need to help grow your business.

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